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From ???@??? Sun Jun 26 23:23:07 2005
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From: Leven Alkan 
To: Email_addr20220@Domain.net
Reply-To: leven3221@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Business Assistance
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 23:23:07 +0100
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As we do not yet know each other personally, forgive me for approaching
you in this manner. The circumstances I find myself have necessitated this
correspondence. If you are conversant with the Global scene you will
recall that Yukos Oil, a leading giant in the oil industry in Russia is about =

to go under. This is due to sharp/questionable accounting practices and back

tax charges by the company.
The Government indicted and arrested my boss Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky
who is also the richest man in Russia. They have also clamped down on Yukos
and halted all activities of the company. I am Mr. Levent Alkan, as a
personal treasurer, I amassed a substantial amount of money. The funds are
currently stashed away in an account in a Bank. My boss Mr. Mikhail is =
jailed. I feel that you will be suited to assist us with this matter,
while it affords you the opportunity of making substantial money for
yourself. It is our desire to make use of the funds realized from the Pension =
That's the reason why I need you. We need to access the funds, asap, as
several other account and assets of my boss here have been frozen pending the =

outcome of the trials.The biggest advantage we have at present is that the =
money i
safe in the bank. I need to know if you can work with me on this. Just to
update you my boss is battling with them over back tax charges.
Please it is very important that we communicate via email for now due
to security reasons.
Best Regards
Levent Alkan