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From ???@??? Sat May 14 21:29:35 2005
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From: lancy2000way 
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Subject: business
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 22:29:35 +0200
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Dear Sir,

I got your contact when searching for an honest, God-fearing and trust-worthy =
foreign partner to assist me in transacting this very lucrative but =
confidential business.
I am Dr. lancy moor. one of the Special adviser/Assistance on security =
matters to the former president of Liberia Mr. Charles Taylor, who was forced =
into exile to Nigeria on 11 August 2003 after he handed over power to his =
Vice president Mr. Moses Blah.
For better understanding, please view these websites Below:
I am presently on exile in the spain on Political Asylum.

Following the "international war Crime Court" demand of him for war Crimes, I =
wish to solicit your assistance to handle this urgent and confidential =
business which involves US$36M (Thirty-six Million United States Dollars) =
deposited with a security company in The spain.

The deposition of this fund was made with a very strong written
agreement and signatory under a security code with my name as the =
beneficiary, and was registered as a consignment containing photographic =
materials. The money was to be used to purchase arms and ammunition to fight =
war against the rebels.

The first and second phase of the money has been utilized with the arrival of =
the last consignment of ammunition that was seized by Nigerian troops on =
peace keeping mission in Liberia.

The relevant document to this deposited consignment, are with me because I =
was the one that signed all the papers, before it was deposited with the =
Security Company.

Now that our regime is no more, The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) is putting =
pressure on the Nigeria President (General Olusegun Obasanjo) to let go of =
ex-president Charles Taylor, together with the recent issuing of a warrant of =
arrest by the International war Crime Court for genocide.

I intend to invest this fund in any lucrative business, in your country. This =
is due to stability of your economy. I have resolved to give you 20% of the =
total sum for your assistance in getting this fund moved out from the =
security company for investment purposes.

I can not claim the fund by myself due to the fact that the financial =
regulation in The spain does not permit me an asylum seeker to own such =
funds. I do not want to do anything that will jeopardize this transaction, as =
it is my only hope after long term of service.
If you are ready to assist me I will give you more details on the way =
forward. Please send me your confidential Telephone and Fax numbers for easy =

As I await your reply, your confidentiality is highly solicited for and all =
expenses will be paid by me.Thus your area of specialization is not hindrance =
to this transaction .You can reach me via the below e:mail: =
Dr.lancy moor.