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From: "madamvim@handbag.com " 
Subject: Asking For Your Assistance.
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From:Mrs. Paulina Kpoko Savimbi

Attn: Brethren,
I got your contact in my search for a trustworthy
Foreigner that will assist me in my present
Predicament, as I dont even know whom to trust so I
allowed the spirit of God to lead me.
I know that this e-mail message may be a surprise to
you, i want you to go through it patiently and assists
me if you can. This requires utmost trust and
confidential. I am a widow(the second wife)of the late
Dr JONAS SAVIMBI, the (rebel) leader of the
army group in ANGOLA. My husband was the UNITA group
leader in Angola great and a rich POLITICIAN who was
fighting for power and peace in Angola before he was
killed by the opposition group of president JOSE E.
SANTOS on February 2002 at mid-term of the rebellion
in my country, my son, the younger brother of my
husband and I, went out of the country according to my
husband's instruction before his death because of fate
of our country was yet to be decided. My husband
lodged a diplomatic baggage in a Private security company in (GHANA) a
West Africa Country. My husband told them that the
baggage belongs to his foreign affiliate who is the
beneficiary of the item. Since then, I have been
looking for a reliable and trustworthy person to help
me transfer this money into a foreign account overseas
prior to investment in any conductive country
overseas. I got in contact with someone from Australia
but he became unnecessarily greedy concerning
his share of the transaction. He asked for 35% luckily
I ran into internet where i got your email Address and
decided to contact you to see if you could be of any
help to us.
We intend to share this money (USD25.5M) as follows:
(1) 20%of the total sum to you if you assist me in
transferring this money into your overseas accounts
for our investment through your assistance. (2) 10% of
the total sum will be set aside to offset all the
bills and expenses incurred in the process of this
transaction.( 3) 70% of the total sum will be for the
family investment in any country of which you will be
guide to us. Please should this matter meet your
utmost feel free to ask any question where you
consider necessary .The confidentiality of this transaction
cannot be overemphasized as we trust and believe that
you will oblige us the needed security and attention
it demands. Please treat this transaction with utmost
Power of Attorney/Transfer of right and privilege
would be issued in your Name. I will wait for your
response before I can open up the modus operandi of
this transaction to you in detail.Please read the
below Africa news websites regarding my Late Husband
Jonas Savimbi (May his soul rest in perfect peace.


Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Paulina Kpoko Savimbi


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