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26B Presidential Complex Ikoya Lagos.

Cablegram: presidency

>From The Desk Of Rev Father.Godwin Ede

ATTN: Hon. Contractor/ Fund Beneficary,

Re-ImmediateUS$10Million Part-Payment of Your Contract Fund with
Federal Government of Nigeria.

This is to inform you that the Presidency has stepped into the payment
of your contract funds with the Federal Government of Nigeria due to
the complain you contractor=92s make to United Nation and World Bank to
sanction Nigeria Government not to have any other business
relationship with any country till we settle all our outstanding debts
our to you foreign contractor=92s. A meeting was held at Abuja regards
to this sanction from the UN and World Bank for the settlement of this
debts own to you contractor=92s, I wish to inform you that an
International Certified Bank Draft worth of US$10Million has been
raised in your favour as your name appear in our computer withsome
other vital documents that will help you cash the draft in your
country without problem and the balance will be paid to you in known
distance time.

You are to come down here in Nigeria for the collection of this
Draft/Documents but alternatively if you can not make the trip here in
Nigeria for the collection of this Draft/Documents here in Nigeria
with a genuine reason you are to pay the US$365.00(Three Hundred And
Sixty Five United States Dollars Only) for the Issuance Fee and DHL
Fee of dispatching to you be inform to contact only this Office
Foreign Payment Unit Rev Father.Godwin Ede
the collection of this US$ in your returning fax to this
office reconfirm your phone and fax number.

Note that your corporation towards this matter will help us a lot in
regaining back our position with the UN and be advise to stop any
other further contact with any office that is previously handling your
payment they are not in position again to effect your fund in other
not to jeopardize your effort of receiving this funds,
Rev Father.Godwin Ede
Chairman Foreign Payment Unit. giving this funds even your local
representatives here in Nigeria and attorney they done harm then good
every day in your contract file regards to change of account not given
by you contractor=92s.

Understand that if you are cut by the Nigerian Telecommunication
Monitoring Unit (NTMU) that you are contacting another office apart
from this mention office you are to pay a fine of US$20.000.00 for not
adhering to ourinstruction is not our wish to have your funds delayed
a word is enough for a wise.

Best regards
Rev Father.Godwin Ede

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