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From ???@??? Wed Aug 10 02:42:28 2005
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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 13:42:28 +1200
From: mkk45@igate.co.nz
Reply-To: marykobe@pekklemail.com

Dear Sir/madam

This business proposal to you is strictly confidential, with due respect.Sorry
at this perceived confusion or stress you may have receiving this letter from
me, Since we have not known our selves or met previously.Despite that,I am
constrained to write you this letter because of the urgency of it.By way of
self introduction, I am Mrs. mary kobe, the wife of late Brigadier
-Gen.Maxwell Kobe former ECOMOG ARMY COMMANDER [West African peacekeeping
force in Sierra Leone] who died in the Sierra Leone civil disturbance[War].My
three daughters and I are trapped in obnoxious custom and traditional norms.

We have suffered maltreatment and untold hardship in the hands of my late
husband's family, simply because I did not bear a male child [heir apparent]
for my late husband. By tradition, all that my late husband had,[wealth]n
belongs to his brothers/family. And myself is to be remarried by his immediate
younger brother which I vehemently refused. They have taken all that I
suffered with my husband to acquire including treasures, houses and his bank
particular seized by them. I wanted to escape to the United State of America
[USA} with my children on exile, but again they conspired and stole my
international passport and other traveling document to further frustrate

Thank God, two weeks ago, I received Key Text Code from a Security Company
abroad, that my late husband deposited U.S$18.5 Million cash with this
company.secretly deposited And declare the contents as jewelries, gold,
diamonds, precious stones, family treasures, and documents, by my late husband
through diplomatic channel to Europe It has therefore, become very necessary
and urgent to contact someone, a foreigner like you to help me receive/secure
these funds overseas in a reliable bank Account (presumably an empty Bank
Account, if vailable) and to help invest it on our behalf as well, while we
find a way of getting out to meet with you in your country.

These funds are kept on an "OPEN BENEFICIARY MANDATE"with the Security Company
to avoid etection, seizure or diversion. I have had several telephone
discussions with the Assistant Director of the security company,who has
express willingness to help me on meeting the company's demands. This is why I
have contacted you to help save my children and I, receive these funds on our
behalf. But, you would need to give me sufficient assurance that if you help
me,you would not divert the funds. My children and I have resolved to give you
20% of the total sum.

This is all my children and I have got to live on. I wish to state here that
we are left with nothing as we survive by the grace of God. I hope you
understand our predicament so as to save me and my family from hopeless future
(S.O.S.) We want to believe that you will not withhold the money when finally
paid into your account. I want you to understand that there is no risk
involved as we have perfected all modalities for! the smooth actualization of
this transaction.

The boxes,is presently in a security vault of the said security company at
their offshore office.

You are hereby,expected to forward the following:


I will send the following:

(1) The receipt of the shipment Airway Bill for the consignment and the
password being the security code will be forwarded to you as soon as you
indicate you sincere interest to fully assist us.

(2) The deposit certificate

(3)The Diplomatic shipment certificate.

All these will be sent to you as they will be required from you by the
security company at the point of retrieving the consignment from their
offshore office. The secret codes (e.g Pin No., Secret Access Code) For this
fund are safely kept with me which I can give you as soon as you express
desire to help me.

NB: Because of the security being mounted on the members of my family, l have
decided That this transaction be kept in utmost secrecy and as such all
contacts should be through my emailbox: marykobe@pekklemail.com,

Please, I have reposed my confidence in you and hope you will not disappoint
me. I look forward to your urgent response.

Stay blessed.

mrs. mary kobe
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