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From ???@??? Wed Aug 31 02:39:07 2005
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From: Sir M Office 
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Subject: Form Adams  Michael
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My Dear

I come to you with a sincere heart believing in the Almighty that you will consider my plight and come to help and also benefit from your assistance.

I am Mr.Adams Michael contacting you today for a business which would be of immense benefit to you.I am a consultant based in Nigeria. I represent Mrs.Mariam Abacha, Wife of the late president of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha who died on the 8th of July 1998 while in power She has instructed me to locate a foreigner who would act as her fund manager and partner.Actually I got your contact from the Internet;please do not feel bad about it because I am compelled to reach you due to the situation I am to safeguard this money in question. Forgive me and come to my aid.

Please I implore you to keep this transaction absolutely secret so you should not in any way, disclose this business to any body no matter howclose the person may be to you or your heart.I don't want people to expose it negatively or feel that you are going to be more opportuned than them and go forth to say negative prayers concerning this transaction. I want you to contact me immediately so that we can proceed with the business. She wishes to invest the sum of a millions of Dolla overseas and needs somebody to manage this investment on her behalf. As you know, assets worth several million dollars belonging to his family have been confiscated by the present Nigerian government so this project is top secret and you should not reveal it to anyone.

Your fees as fund manager shall be a downpayment of 20% of the investment capital and an annual 20% of after tax returns on investment.Reach me by return mail if you are interested in this proposal so that I will give you relevant details.


Mr. Adams Michael

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