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Hazid Ahmed Quarrud
Date: 03/09/2005


With due respect, trust and humanity, I write this letter to you seeking your =
help and assistance, though Its difficult since we have not met before also =
regarding the problem in Arab Nations, But Please listen and read my request.

I hereby assure you that this is real and therefore demands your immediate =

My name is Hazid Ahmed Quarrud (Accountant in military), I was the personal =
assistance to Dr.Hikmati Al- Hazzawi, the Iraq Minister of finance (If you =
have been current with the event in Iraq, you will agree with me that the =
minister of finance Dr. Hikmati Al-Hazzawi, was arrested by US Coalition
Forces on 19th April 2003)I was the personal assistance to Dr. Hikmati Al- =
Hazzawi Iraqi minister of finance for more that 15 Years now. Together we
supervised and conclude GENERAL SADAM HUSSEIN instructions for transfer in =
excess of US$246M (Two Hundred Fourty Six Million United States Dollars) to
European banks, Swiss Banks and Asia Banks. The transfer of the above sum was =
concluded without any problems and the documents of the said transferred =
handed over to GENERAL SADAM HUSSEIN copies to me for record references. For =
years we have lived in fear acting upon the instruction of this money =
transfer by the tyrant leader GENERAL SADAM HUSSEIN.

Before the invasion of US coalition forces to Iraq as a result of GENERAL =
SADAM HUSSEIN refusal to destroy the weapon of mass destruction (WMD), I was =
assigned a task of Shipment of funds through diplomatic means to Paris =
France,Spain before it is lodged into banking system. The procedure is that =
the funds will have to be packaged into three (3) trunk boxes and delivered =
as Micro Film plate to a security company in France where after the trunk =
boxes will be cleared and taken to Paris and Spain to be lodged into a bank =
and further transferred to its final destination as an investment funds.

It must also interest you that the reason why the funds in the consignment is =
declared as macro film plate is for the trunk boxes to be able to pass
through custom inspection unit successfully without the customs at the =
different cargo inspection units that the consignment is programmed to pass =
through to be able to know the content of the consignment to be money. The =
same is also known to the security company where the trunks are deposited(The =
security company does not know the trunk boxes to be money).

In view of the above, I urgently request your assistance to stand as
the intended recipient of this consignment as I will issue an instruction to =
the security company for the consignment to be released to you. I am prepared =
to offer you 25% of the total sum for your assistance.
Immediately I confirm your readiness to assist me conclude this transaction, =
I will forward to you the relevant documents regarding lodgment of the trunk =

Please remember to enclose your contact Tel/Fax No while responding back to =
me so as to enable me fax across to you the relevant document from where I am =
in hiding in United Arab Emirate (UAE).

I await your urgent response,
May Allah guide and protect us.

Mr. Hazid Ahmed Quarrud (Accountant)
NB: Pls be informed that there is not going to be any out of pocket expenses. =
I have discussed it with my delegate for any expenses due to retreving the =
consignments from the security company to be made out of the consignments at =
the point of claim.