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Dear Sir/Madam!

International trading company 'Malinari Group International' searching for a financial manager.

We do not need you to involve your own money to any projects.
And there is no matter what country are you from. We want to hire additional personal to process more deals daily.

Demands : smart, communicative, prompt, call of duty, presence a readiness at improving any accident. Special education not required.

Weekly salary based on 8% commission per each deal [additional 800-2000 USD per week].

Work takes 1-2 hours per day and you can combine primary work with finance courier position [work at home using Internet].

If you are ready to earn more today, just email us by the link below

Get additional information and start the work as a part of team!

Jana Mirosh, staff manager
Contact e-mail: staff@MalinariGroup.com