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From ???@??? Sat Sep 17 03:36:11 2005
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	Sat, 17 Sep 2005 02:36:11 GMT
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X-Originating-Email: [dobbray@msn.com]
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Subject: Representative Needed And Foreign Partner
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 02:36:11 +0000
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X-OriginalArrivalTime: 17 Sep 2005 02:36:13.0123 (UTC) FILETIME=[91F0D130:01C5BB30]
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

My name is Raymond Dobbs Keith,a New Zealand citizen based in Europe.I am an
International business mechandise who made many supplies to United States
and environs.

I have an investment company in Canada that is owing me the sum of Two
Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars($250,000usd) and sequence to
our last discussion with the investor in Canada.He is ready to pay back my
money and he requested for a bank account in United States of America or
Canada as what to enable him transfer the funds.
Meanwhile,I do not have an account in either USA or Canada and further
explaination to have the funds transferred to my bank overseas proof

So I want him to transfer the money to your account in United States and
upon clarification,I will send you my private account to inturn transfer the
money to me.
Sincerely,you are not going to face any risk in rendering assistance,or
spend any money or demand anything from you.

If even you are interested in having my identity I will provide it as soon
as you accept to assist.
What I need is your sincerity and just be honest with me.
Moreover,I will send you the contact details of the investor in Canada once
you have accepted my offer.And I would let him know that you are receiving
the money on my behalf.
Raymond Keith

Please you can reach me through this email address
{raydobb200@rediffmail.com} thank's for your understanding.