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From ???@??? Mon Jan 09 21:19:44 2006
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Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 23:19:44 +0200
From: albertmerwe@yahoo.co.uk
To: albertmerwe@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Urgent Assistance
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TEL: 27-84-998-6404
FAX: 27-11-219-7051
E-mail: albertmerwe@webmail.co.za


Dear Sir,

Please accept my apology if this letter comes to you as a
surprise since I believe that we don't know each
other before now, but for the purpose of introduction, my
name is Merwe Albert, the Auditor of AMALGAMATED BANK OF
SOUTH AFRICA (ABSA). There is an account opened in this
bank in 1980, but since the death of the account owner, no
surviving beneficiary has come forth to claim this fund.
After going through some old files within the bank for the
second quarters of the year, I discovered that if this
is not remitted out of this country immediately, it will be
forfeited for nothing or better described as retired
account by Board of Directors of the bank who
actually will use this money in enriching a few already
over-rich bank owners.

On further investigation, I discovered that even the
company (Kruger Gold Co) where the late account owner who
was a foreigner worked as a miner/geologist have no
knowledge of the existence of this account or about the
fund involved (US$26,M) TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS. As
the money is in US Dollars account and can only be approved
to a foreigner with some required information as the next
of kin, I am contacting you to establish a relationship and
possible transfer of this money into your nominated account
outside South Africa.

Also, everything concerning the payment and transfer of
this money would be done legally with all the necessary
paper work processed and submitted to the bank to enable
the payment into your nominated bank account. It is very
essential that I have your full cooperation/undivided
commitment to make this noble transaction be successful as
the management of the bank is prepared to approve the
remittance of this money to any foreigner who comes forth
as the beneficiary.

In order to assist me realize this golden opportunity, 25%
of the total sum will be earmarked as your share while 10%
shall be set aside for any incidental expenses which may
occur in the eventual payment and transfer of this money.
Please indicate your willingness to assist me with this
transaction by calling me on the above phone number
+ 27 84 998 6404 or my private fax number or on my
alternative E-mail: albertmerwe@webmail.co.za .

Due to my sensitive position within the bank, let us keep
this transaction in top confidence and be assured that this
business is a 100% risk free.

Expecting to hear from you soonest.

Best Regards,