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Attention! This is not a SPAM. If this message came to you by mistake, please accept our apologies. Thank you. If you are not in manufacturing or exporting business, could you please
indicate your e-mail address with the world “REMOVE” in a subject line and reply this message. Your e-mail address will be removed from our mailing list immediately!


Dear Sirs :

We are a Latin-American company that acts like direct importer of similar products that you manufacture or export.

Also, we act as representative of manufacturers and exporters who want to sell their products on our markets.

For this reason, and as we have interest to import the products that you manufacture or export, we will be very grateful if you have the amiability to provide major details to us about them.

Thanking for advance your answer, sincerely yours,

Heriberto Salvador

Website : www.internationaltrade.cl

Email : internationaltradeagency@gmail.com


Estimados señores :

Somos una empresa latinoamericana que actúa como importadora directa de los productos que ustedes fabrican o exportan.

También, actuamos como representante de fabricantes y exportadores que desean vender sus productos en nuestros mercados.

Por esta razón, y como tenemos interés en importar los productos que ustedes fabrican o exportan, les estaremos muy agradecidos si ustedes tienen la amabilidad de proporcionarnos mayores detalles acerca de ellos.

Agradeciéndoles anticipadamente su respuesta, se despide atentamente de ustedes,

Heriberto Salvador

Sitio web : www.internationaltrade.cl

Email : internationaltradeagency@gmail.com