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Dear Sir,

I know you would be surprised to read from someone relatively unknown to you before. My name is Sgt Shirley Osborne, a U.S Marine 1st Armored Division in Iraq. I would like to share some highly personal classified information about the role which I played in the pursuit of my career serving under the U.S 1st Armored, which was at the fore-front of the war in Iraq.

Also, I do hereby wish to crave your indulgence for your time to visit the BBC website as stated below to enable you have the brief insight as to what I’m intending to share with you, believing that it might interest you one way or the other.


Get back to me after visiting the e-mail to enable us discuss in details and also do not misconstrue my intention. I’m just being very strict and careful about it.


Miss Shirley Osborne (Sgt)

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