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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 15:35:29 -0800 (PST)
From: jerry jabu99 
To: Various@allisp.com
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I know you will be surprised to read from me,but
please consider this letter as a request from a family
in their need of your assistance. First I must
introduce myself to you, I am MR.JERRY JABU from
ANGOLA.I am the first and only son of the late
BRIGADIER MEZURI JABU,I am presently residing in South

I got your contact from South Africa Information
Exchange(S.A.I.E)here in Johannesburg and on behalf of
my widowed mother,MRS GRACIA JABU I decided to solicit
for your assistance to transfer the sum of
US$21,320,000.00,(Twenty One Million, Three Hundred
and Twenty Thousand United State Dollars)inherited
from my late father into your personal or company's
account.Before my father's death,he was a Brigadier in
charge of arms and ammunition purchase for the Angola
Armed Forces.In his "WILL"he specifically drew my
attention to this sum of US$21,320 Million,which he
deposited in a safe box of a private security company
in south African.


"MY beloved son,I wish to draw your attention to the
sum of US$21,320,000.00(Twenty One million,three
hundred and twenty thousand united state
dollars),which I deposited in a box with a security
company in Johannesburg,south African incase of my
absence on earth caused by death only,you should
solicit for reliable foreign partner to assist you to
transfer this money out of south Africa for investment
purpose.I deposited the money in your name and it can
be claimed by you alone with the deposit code.Your
mother has all the document.Take good care of your
mother and sister."

>From the above,you will understand that the lives and
future of my family depends on this money and I will
be very grateful if you can assist us.

We are now living in south Africa as political asylum
seekers and the financial laws of south Africa does
not allow asylum seeker certain financial rights to
such huge amount of money.In view of this,I cannot
invest this in South Africa,hence I am asking you to
assist me transfer this money out of South Africa for
investment purposes.For your efforts I am prepared to
offer you 30% of the total fund, and 65% will be for
me and my family, while yhe remaining 5% will be for
any expenses that may incur during the transaction.

All I want you to do is to furnish me with your entire
personal phone and fax numbers for easy
communication.You can contact me on the above
Telephone number and email address.

Note that this transaction is 100% Risk free and
absolutely confidential.

Thanks and God bless.
Best regards,


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