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Subject: McCarthy-Henley Asset Management UK Needs Your Urgent Reply 
From: McCarthy Henley 
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Attention: Please,=0D
McCarthy-Henley Asset Management is pleased to=0D
advertise the following Job opportunities for=0D
various expatriates in offshore and onshore=0D
environment on behalf of two major Oil companies in =0D
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Calgary, Canada.=0D
As two of the world's biggest multinationals Oil and=0D
Gas Companies with headquarters in the Abu=0D
Dhabi,United Arab Emirate and Calgary Canada=0D
respectively, our clients are looking forward to =0D
expanding their operational network worldwide.=0D
The employment into these two separate companies=0D
process will be divided into three categories,=0D
(i) Short listing prospective candidates,=0D

(ii)Verifying submitted documents/certificates, =0D
(iii)Interview and offer of provisional employment=0D
pending receipt of due-diligence clearance on=0D
each successful candidate.=0D
The Job opportunities require highly skilled=0D
individuals with reasonable experience and =0D
competence to work in Oil and Gas installations as=0D
well as facilities in:=0D
* Offshore Brazil=0D
* North Sea=0D
* Canada and USA.=0D
* Oman South Africa=0D
* South Africa=0D
* And facilities world wide.=0D
* Abu Dhabi =0D
.Power generation/Boiler and Steam Engineer(REF=0D
HVAC 10)=0D
.Environmental Science Management (REF EV22)=0D
.Security Administration (REF S66)=0D
.Medical and Biological Sciences (M5000)=0D
.Security Administration (REF S56) =0D
.Civil Design/ Planning Engineering (REF: 120)=0D
.Civil Design Coordination, Technical and material=0D
control. (REF:122)=0D
.Mechanical Design (REF: 131)=0D
.Mechanical Engineer (REF: 130)=0D
.Electrical Engineer (REF: 134) =0D
.Material Engineer (REF: 136)=0D
.Safety/Maintenance Engineer (REF:138)=0D
.Chemical Engineer (REF: 100)=0D
.Water Engineer (REF: 150)=0D
.Welder;Offshore Welding (REF: 160)=0D
.Driller;Offshore Drilling/Onshore duties(REF:162) =0D
.Geo physist and Petro physist (REF 151)=0D
.Geo computer ( REF 152)=0D
.Telecommunication (REF 153)=0D
.Information Technology (157)=0D
.Quality Analyst(REF 156)=0D
.Computer Engineer; Software and Hardware/Computer=0D
.supporting System (REF: 140)=0D
.Business Administration /Accounting and Management=0D
.Planning (REF: 148)=0D
.Secretary (REF: 159)=0D
.Marketing Officer (REF:160)=0D
.And other related disciplines.=0D
(A)=A350,000.00 - =A3100,000.00 British Pounds=0D
Starlings (quarterly) negotiable=0D
(B)Competitive allowances and compensation package=0D
as obtainable in the upstream Oil and Gas Sector=0D
(C)All contracts are meant to last for a Span of 18 months (11/2 years), =
and liable to upward review on a quarterly basis. =0D
Send Resume/Detailed Curriculum Vitae, telephone=0D
number via email attachment to mccarthy-henley@myway.com. The relevant re=
number should be stated on left - hand corner of any =0D
mails being sent in relation to these Job offers.=0D
We shall enter into correspondence only with short=0D
listed persons or expatriates.=0D
Yours Faithfully.=0D
NB:Applicants are required to state which of the two=0D
companies their applications are directed to.=0D