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From ???@??? Mon Nov 27 17:10:53 2006
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From: "TOMS RAYS" 
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 09:10:53 -0800
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Date: Monday, November 27, 2006 17:10
Reply-To: tomsraysuk@Go-Irish.com

sDear Friend,

I am Mr Toms Rays of SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED I am contacting you based on Trust and confidentiality that will be attached to this transaction. The Management and the Legal department of our BANK(SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED ) in a recent meeting,Recommended that the account of CLINTON HARTZ, who was one of my branch depositor, should be declared Dorrmant,confisticated and the
depositor's fund sent to the Bank Treasury according to UK Banking and financial law.
He died in world trade centre as a victims of the september 11,2001.Incident that befall the united state of america,the
bank has made series of efforts to contact any of the relatives to claim This money but without success, you can confirm through this site:
Mr CLINTON HARTZ is an account holder in my branch, he owns a dollar account with the sum of Eight Million, two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only deposited in a Secret account with with my branch .In fact,since his death, no next of kin of the Dollar account holder(the brother) nor any relative of him has show up for the claim this because he has the account as a secret account thus he left all the documents for the deposit with me.
This is where I am interested and where I want you to come in. I want you to come in as the relation of the deceased, I will give you the relevant documents and contacts to file the application and then effect the approvals for the transfer of the money, I will be the one to provide the vital documents for the
claims of the money and then advise you exactly how we should handle
Please include your telephone/fax number/ Home Address when replying this mail and I will give you more information as soon as you indicate your willingness to assist in this transaction.

We will use our positions to get all internal documentations to back up the claims.Do not be bothered that you are not related in any way to him as I am in position to afix your name as the next of kin.

The whole Procedures will last only 7 working days to get the fund
retrieved successfully Without trace even in future. After the transfer of the money we shall share the money sixty-fourty.That is I will have sixty percent while you will have fourty percent.
REPLY TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS AS::: tomsraysuk@Go-Irish.com
Yours truly,
(London Branch)
MY DIRECTLINE: +447040110264
REPLY TO: tomsraysuk@Go-Irish.com

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