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From: Mr,  Patrick Mbubu. 
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Dear Friend,

My name is Mr. Patrick Mbubu former personal assistance to the Late President =
Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo, a small country in the West Africa. The President =
passed away recently.
I got your contact through an Italian businessman that stayed and operated in =
Lome the capital city of Togo.During the last days of the President,he =
delegated me in my capacity as his personal assistant to assist him to secure =
various properties in France to the sume of Euros25M (Twenty Five Million =
Euros). This was not done before the death of the President.After the death =
of the President the Army brought his eldest son into power.

This brought a lot of disagreement from the opposition. As the constitution =
allows the speaker of the Parliament to take over power in case the President =
should declared not fit to rule,
either through falling health or death. Since then there have been series of =
unrest in the country. In the light of this unrest I decided to seek refuge =
in the Republic of South Africa.The Euros25M the late President release to me =
for the purchase of the properties in France was in Cash. Due to present =
political crisis in Togo; I decided to move the money with me to South =
Africa. At present I am a refugee in Republic of South Africa and as result =
of my refugee status I am not allowed to own a bank account in the Country. I =
hereby appeal to you to assist me in Banking and investing this money in your =

If you are interested in my proposal, I have decided to give you 25% of the =
fund, while 10% has been mapped out for local and International running cost. =
This proposal should be treated as top secret in view of the amount involved, =
as well as my position.Please contact me with my private e-mail =

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Patrick Mbubu.