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From: "D.F.C dfc" 
Subject: Apply for a Refinance Loan -- All Credit Scores Welcome..... 
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2007 12:25:10 +0300
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(actualizing your financial dream)
Zaragoza, Spain.
Tel: +34650177527
E-mail dodge@ausi.com

We are DODGE FINANCIAL COMPANY, we give out loan for both BUSINESS AND PERSO=
NAL PURPOSE such as 1: House Loan, 2: Car Loan, 3: School Loan, 4:Business a=
nd Personal Loan. Here everyone is approved, even if you have bad credit, or=
even low credit. If you interested in getting a loan from our company, you =
will have to follow and abide by our rules and regulation. below. All you ne=
ed to do is to fill and submit our online application form below.

Upon your response to the submition of your data, we will start up with the =
processing and documentation of this transaction.We give out loan for both b=
usiness and personal purposes. With a minimum of $2,000 U.S Dollars and Maxi=
mum of $ 200,000.00 With a 3-10 year payback duration.

Fill and submit the following to enable commence work on your application fi=

1,Full Names
2,Your Residential address
5,Telephone number(s)
6,Amount of loan
7,Loan purpose
8,Loan Duration

You must make sure you understand and agree to the conditions for this loan =
you are about to secure from us, before we can proceed with the loan process=

1.The loan must be insured: Our lending company will be responsible for insu=
ring of customers loan.Note that there is no insurance fee to be paid by any=
customer seeking loan from the company.

2.Time of duration: The borrower must pay back at the rate of interest withi=
n the stipulated time (years) after getting the loan.

3.Loan Approval : Your loan will be approved if the customer (seeker) is qua=
lified in securing a loan from us.Your loan can only be approved if you are =
deem fit in paying back our loan offer with interest payment.

4.Transfer of the loan: Customers needs to make selections on how they inten=
d getting their loans from us.E.G Courier or Electronic Bank Transfer.

5.Particulars: The borrower must provide either of the following:-A Driver's=
License, An International passport, Or a valid Identity Card bearing his/ h=
er name.

6. Required Age: The borrower must be the age above 18years.

Note: More of our loan terms and conditions is sent as an attachment along s=
ide with this application form

Filling this form will mean that you have agreed to our terms and conditions=
. mean while you have to send us a valid ID card or an international passpor=
t as this is also needed for approval to take effect.

Contact Email: dodge@ausi.com

We awaits your swift response

Duma Moore