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From ???@??? Mon Nov 26 06:36:25 2007
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From: cynthia mamadou 
Subject: Compliments and Greetings From Cynthia Mamadou
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 06:36:25 +0000
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Compliments and Greetings From Cynthia Mamadou

Miss Cynthia Mamadou
20 Rue Avenue, Bouake,Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Dear One,
I really appologize on using these way to contact you, but i strongly belei=
ve that anyone who trust in God will never be disappointed.Please consider =
my helpless situation and accept my letter and give a second thought about =

My name is Miss Cynthia Mamadou from Sierra Leone. i am an orphan being tha=
t i lost my mother at a very tender age and my father Dr.Mahdi Mamadou who =
was serving as director of the Cocoa exporting board in Abidjan, Ivory Coas=
t until his death . He died on the 12th October (2006) through food poison =
by some undisclosed people who i greatly suspect to be his business associ=
ates .i just gained admission to study Medicine and surgery before the sudd=
en death of my father.

Before his death he deposited the sum of $8M USA Dollars in a Bank / Financ=
e House and he left an instruction that the money is strictly for investmen=
ts aboard and be given to me when i am upto 25 years or above because it is=
an agreement that my late father signed with the bank and used me as his n=
ext of kin because i am his only child.

Because of the hostile and bad behaviour of my fathers brothers, and there=
constant threats to kill me, i had to run away , and it was on these situa=
tion that i contacted you .My father's brothers have taken my father's car,=
and our house and because the my elders, there was nothing i could do than=
to run for my dear life because i did not want them to also take the fund =
deposit documents .i decided to make haste to see that these money is trans=
fered to your account in your country so that i can leave these country bef=
ore something bad happens to me.

I want you to do me a favour to assist me transfer the money to your countr=
y as my Guardian and Investor, and also you will assist me travel to your =
country and continue my education. This is my reason for writing to you.

Please if you are willing to assist me, kindly contact me by replying to my=
email to you and give me your full name, address, telephone, fax numbers a=
nd profession, so that i will have more confidence in you and i shall give =
to you the contact of the bank where my father deposited the money and also=
the deposit documents. i have mapped out 60% for myself, 25% for your cord=
ial assistance and 15% for charity homes like the less priviledged because =
that was the vow i made to God .

Finally if you have any question as regards this transaction, please dont f=
ail to ask me. I sold my tel phone so i can have money to eat so at present=
i do not have a tel phone.Please note that the confidentiality of this tra=
nsaction would be highly appreicated, Please reply as soon as possible. =
Thanks and God bless you.
Miss Cynthia Mamadou.

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