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Subject: From Iraq
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Good day to you,

I apologize if I did wrong by contacting you. I am Sgt Marc Krois, a US MARINE. I am serving in Iraq (Mosul) and I require your help to take care of some personal financial matters for me, and of course you will be adequately compensated with 5 million US dollars (US$ 5,000,000) as your share for rendering this assistance.

Here is an idea on what I am trying to say:


You will have to give me some assurances that you will keep my identity and other information's regarding this project to yourself, and will also try to adhere to the terms we will agree on, especially the safety of the part of resources that I will call my share, after you have taken the figures we will agree on as your share, and how to preserve that belonging to me until I complete my service here.

If this proposal is acceptable by you, I await your urgent e-mail so we can discuss more.

Semper Fi.

Sgt. Marc Krois