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From ???@??? Sat Jul 12 09:35:02 2008
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From: "Cabyehko Savchenko"
Subject: An Investor  Required.
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 09:35:02 +0100
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Cabyehko Savchenko
Russia, Moscow,
Kuznetsky most St.21/5,
suite 4-075
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Cabyehko Savchenko and I am based in Kiev, Russia.
We represent a Hedge Fund of mostly Georgian investors with aspirations of entering and investing in the market (long term).
Due however to the restrictive monetary policy regulations in Georgia
(former Soviet Union),
most of my clients are now forced to use individual representatives.
Our diversification process is what has led us to hereby inviting you to
becoming a representative/Investor of our Fund and go henceforth to claim the funds prior to the Investment.
If this suits your preference for extra income,send us a respond to this invitation indicating that you will act as Our Proxy by return email:savchenko40@gmail.com for more details.
Cabyehko Savchenko