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Dear Candidate,

We know it's more than just your day-to-day responsibilities that can make or break a job. It's the support you get. That's the reason Global Fleet Investment offers a variety of benefits including medical, dental, optical, 401k and many more. Don't put your career in the hands of just anyone,put it in the hands of a specialist. Join the Global Fleet Team!

Today we are glad to offer you an opportunity to become our regional associate.In this position you will be responsible for supervising money transfers and payments from regional clients. You will be hired part-time and will be free to plan your schedule yourself.

The key responsibilities are fastening the procedure of the payment delivery and maximizing the profit of the company. No direct communication or meetings with the clients are required. Your information will be protected as this is part of Global Fleet duties.

Regional associates take net 10% commission out of each deal (transaction) completed. All the related charges incurred are covered by Global Fleet.Position does not require you to relocate.Successful candidates will be responsible for accurate record keeping and accurate scheduling individual,with the availability of a bank account to be used for the company transfers/deposits of cheques, willing to bring value to the employer.

If you are interested, please send in your full information to:


Full Name,Full Address,Age/Gender,Marital Status,Present Occupation,Zip/Postal Code,City/State,Country,Nationality,Telephone,Mobile Phone

We are looking forward to seeing you in our proactive team!!!

Waiting to hear from you soon.


Leroy Makaay