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From ???@??? Sat Mar 14 18:13:45 2009
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To: Email_addr20220@Domain.net
Subject: Final Notice !!
Reply-To: mdmark1960@yahoo.com.hk
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This message will be the last notification that I will send to you as my
earlier letters to you through Post Office was returned undelivered. Hence
I decided to reach you via email because this information needs urgent

I'm contacting you because you bear the same surname with our deceased
client who died in 2003, and the management of my bank have issued me a
notice to provide an extended next of kin of the deceased or have the
account confiscated within the next 14 banking days.

I am the Telex Department manager of my bank and also the personal account
officer to the deceased, and I will be disappointed if the labour of my
deceased client is confiscated.

So kindly get back to me with your full name and address for appraisal.

Best regards,

Michael Domark