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From ???@??? Mon Oct 05 23:06:27 2009
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Message-ID: <10eb839c9f46a2fb96729ee9212899a6@aim.com>
From: "Professor Joseph Owor" 
To: "Email_addr20220@Domain.net" 
Subject: Kind Proposal
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 00:06:27 +0200
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Joseph Owor Dean of Faculty of Business Administration =
Uganda Christian University Mukono Town , Uganda. Confidential =
Message: I hope this message will meet you in good faith, please pardon me =
for reaching you in this manner because you do not know me,and I am =
hoping that by this means we can establish a mutual relationship in =
regards to the reason why I cantacted you.
I have an obscure proposal of mutual interest to share with you. I got =
your email address from the Internet data base directories through my =
search for a relatively unknown person who will assist me in securing a =
large sum of amount as I will explain to you later. I am Joseph Owor , =
The Dean / Head of Faculty of Business Administration of the Uganda =
Christian University.I will need you to assist us in executing a =
confidential charity project. It involves the securing of a large sum of =
fund. Everything concerning this proposal shall be legally done without =
hitch if you are willing to consider this proposal. Please I will kindly =
request that you endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters =
concerning this message if my proposal is accepted by you due to the =
confidentil nature of this proposal and if this proposal is not acceptable =
by you, kindly delete this email and do not pass it to a third party as I =
vehemently risk my job to send you this email.
I am presently on a foreign committee appointment in Europe through the =
United Nations Christian charity project fund of Uganda as head of a world =
wide fund raising program for charity projects in Uganda. Once the =
transaction I am proposing to you have been successfully completed if =
accepted by you and the fund in question is in your possession, we shall =
be offering to you a ratio to be agreed upon as remuneration for your =
services. kindly reach me back at this juncture to get your opinion =
first regarding this proposal, after that I will furnish you with more =
information about this procedures.
You are to contact me on my secure email address below for further =
details if this proposal is accepted by you: profjosephowor@mcom.com
Thanks and waiting for your urgent response. Yours Sincerely,Prof. Joseph =