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Please i wish to express certain Plight I do not know if you might help=
of course my plights might appear so sudden but please consider this a=
s wished and accept me with a deep sense of humility.

Moreover i do wrote with gestures, maybe you might be kind enough to he=
lp with reffrences to my situations, I am a student from University of =
Teachings Hospitals UTH Cote d=E2=80=99Ivoire.

My Dad is late eight months ago, i have only one sister Eline, My Dad w=
as our district well renowned leader which our towns citizen titled him=
more than twenty-five years before our birth, I was the only son, our =
mother though was not literate to know of my father's fortunes, she die=
d on the 7th july 2008

Unfortunately, our father left great sum with certain bank within the c=
apital district. These funds was annually paid into my father=E2=80=99s=
account from various communities/company operations.

Among These are:
(1)Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC
(2)Chevron Oil Company's
(2)mobill and Agip LTD

So, these savings where from annual revenues for locality compensation =
of youth and community development under my father leadership. I don't =
know much profitable business fields which i will want to invest into i=
.e. withing your country. the reason was that There has been pacial p
roblems within our family because of indirect secured rights to some ce=
rtain matters, such like my father's mills, lands old industeals, Estat=
es and private housing structures.

Please I urgently need your humble assistance as I wanted to transfer t=
hese funds to your country cooperatively with you.My Dad had asigned a =
wiled to me respecting certain sun which i hereby expressed to tranfer,=
I believed Great times has indeed drew us together and you will help w=
ith my investment much as i do wanted.

I am ready to offer 25% if however you express genuine willingness to h=
elp and 10% interest of annuals of whatever Incomes i.e. for securing t=
he arrangements I hope to commence the transaction as quick as possible=
but if you wishes you can visit me for more about my Email letter Repl=

Sincerely Charles