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From: "mrs.susan Karim" 
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Subject: From Mrs Susan Karim
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>From Mrs Susan Karim
My Dear,
I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears In my eyes and great sorrow =
in my heart, My Name is Mrs Susan Karim=A0 and am contacting you from my co=
untry Tunisia I want to tell you this because i dont have any other option =
than to tell you as i was touched to open up to you, I am married to Mr=A0 =
Festus Karim who worked with Tunisia embassy in Burkina Faso for nine years=
before he died in the year 2005. We were married for eleven years without =
a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only five days. Sinc=
e his death I decided not to remarry, When my late husband was alive he dep=
osited the sum of US$6.2m(Six million two hundred thousand dollars) in a ba=
nk in Ouagadougou the capital city of Burkina Faso in west Africa Presently=
this money is still in bank. He made this money available for exportation =
of Gold from Burkina Faso mining.
Recently, My Doctor told me that I would not last for the period of seven m=
onths due to cancer problem. The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sic=
kness. Having known my condition I decided to hand you over this money to t=
ake care of the less-previlaged people, you will utilize this money the way=
I am going to instruct herein. I want you to take 30 Percent of the total =
money for your personal use While 70% of the money will go to charity" peop=
le in the street and helping the orphanage. I grew up as an Orphan and I do=
n't have anybody as my family member,=A0 As soon as i receive your reply I =
shall give you the contact of the bank in Burkina Faso and I will also inst=
ruct my lawyer to issue you an authority letter that will prove you the pre=
sent beneficiary of the money in the bank, that is if you assure me that yo=
u will act accordingly as I Stated herein.
Hoping to receive your reply.
Mrs Susan Karim