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From ???@??? Tue Dec 08 06:32:50 2009
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Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 22:32:50 -0800 (PST)
From: "Mr.Buchi Adam" 
Reply-To: westernunoffic20@mail.ru
Subject: Payment Confirmation!
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Attn: Beneficiary,=A0Be informed that your part-payment of (US$950.000.00) =
from International Monetary Fund Unit (IMF) has been approved to transfer v=
ia our department of Western Union, Meanwhile your urgent respond is highly=
needed with the re-confirmation of your details where and how to receive y=
our funds our office such as: Your Name: Country: State and City.=A0Also th=
e payment of US$10.000.00 has already been made through Western Union for y=
ou to pick it up, But Due to there are so many scams on the Internet, You a=
re required to pay sum of (US$195.00)to Activate your payment files and als=
o to ensure you are the right person to receive the fund. Upon receiption o=
f the Activation fee, we shall forward the payment details of the first tra=
nsfer of US$10.000.00 to you and you can pick it up any Western Union in yo=
ur country. =A0You can easily get back to us via email or telephone# for mo=
re details while the amount you will be confirming daily is
(US$10.000.00) starting from the day we receive the Activation fee.=A0You =
can also use the name below to send the Activation Fee via Western Union an=
d send to us the payment details:=A0RECEIVER NAME::::::::::::::::::::::::JO=
COUNTRY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::REPUBLIC OF BENIN
CITY=A0=A0=A0=A0 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::COTONUO
ANSWER=A0 ::::::::::::::::::::::::001
MTCN::::::::::::::::::::::::::MTCN Number#, Sender's Name:=A0Here is the e-=
mail address you can contact us and also the person can work on your files =
after you made the payment of US$195.00: =A0Director;Mr.Emma Osiga
Tel# +229-987-99-758
E-mail ( westernunoffic20@mail.ru)=A0We are looking forward to hearing from=
Mr.Buchi Adam
Thank you.
Western Union Headquarter Benin.